Linux Debian Consultant

Hi, Are you got headache about linux debian?. I offer some service  that related to networking and server solution to you. It’s FREE, i am seriously its free hahaha, or you can donate few to me but free is depend on how complicated problem that you have.

But, i want to try help you to solve your problem. I think it would be great if i am can help anyone that needs helping in technology. maybe with my help others to solve the problem, I could find the problem that I had never seen before and it will boost my ability and experience.

I experienced in linux and debian is my favorite distro hahah. Okay, i think its enough. I am also registered as Debian Consultant. Visit on debian consultant page and you’ll find my name.

If you interested to talk about your network planning, design and deployment and something about server, you can contact me through my email at